Duo Brandenburg / Jaekel

Judith Brandenburg - Bandoneon / Composition
Volker Jaekel - Piano / composition

It is a fascinating mix of jazz, tango nuevo, film music and elements of rock and classical music that Judith Brandenburg and Volker Jaekel let us experience in their improvisations - spontaneous, powerful, playful, sometimes wild, sometimes meditative, and above all, boundlessly free. They take just as much pleasure in playing well-known themes as they do in their own compositions... In their "Five Sensations" they present 5 negative emotions and their respective transformed positive state - hate, greed, pride, jealousy and ignorance. The audience randomly chooses which of the emotions the duo should improvise on, and we experience how different music emerges in each concert - about anger or empathy, envy or generosity, ignorance or wisdom.

GOODBYE for bandoneon and piano
Volker Jaekel & Judith Brandenburg live at the kulturkirche nikodemus in March 2020

Volker Jaekel & Judith Brandenburg

Trailer - 5 Sensations