Gert Anklam - Saxophones / Sheng (Chinese mouth organ)
Volker Jaekel - Organ / Portativ (medieval pipe organ)

Around the world with saxophone and organ

Catchy rhythms meet hymn-like melodies

Middle Ages and tango meet in the here and now

The programme spans the ages from early music to jazz and combines the most diverse musical influences of the artists into a varied programme through space and time. Unusual arrangements of old chorales, own compositions influenced by the collaboration with musicians from other cultures, orchestral soundscapes on the organ, tangos and rousing improvisations are heard. Volker Jaekel, exceptional organist and jazz pianist, elicits unusual sounds and earthy rhythms from the organ. The listener can rediscover the time-honoured instrument of the church organ for himself. The musicians will make the entire space of the church resound and also move through the nave with the Chinese mouth organ Sheng and the medieval portative. The different and fascinating sounds of the organ will enter into musical dialogue with the sonorous saxophone of Gert Anklam.

Volker Jaekel with portativ, a medieval pipe organ

Gert Anklam at the Sheng


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